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Packing up our lives - bye bye Timboon!

To our friends and family the decision to do this might have seemed to happen all of a sudden, but in fact this idea has been brewing (in one form or another) for a while now. Ash and I have always loved travelling, and love the idea of staying in an area long enough to actually learn about the culture of the country, rather than just getting a fleeting glimpse. We're especially keen for our kids to have this exposure. Doing this trip has been extremely opportunistic, there were lots of reasons to go ahead, it just seemed to be the right time! So the Tolliday Travels began (or arrangements for them at least!)

Once we actually made the decision everything started to roll along fairly quickly:

We had to sift through all of our belongings and work out what to bring with us, what to give away and what to store. WP_20150127_006_1_.jpg

With the help of the boys of course!

We had to pack everything left into a storage container (and it only just fitted!). It's amazing how much "stuff" gets accumulated over the years, it was great to actually do a thorough clean out!

WP_20150202_001_1_.jpg WP_20150202_003_1_.jpg

In amongst getting the house sorted out we needed to remember to plan for the trip (it was so easy to get side-tracked with packing the house!), including testing out the backpacks that the boys were going to use.

And so, after a crazy amount of thinking, planning, organising, packing, and trying to think of every possible eventuality that we might need to make arrangements for, we began our big adventure on the 12th February, taking off to Singapore! We could never have done this without the help of all our family and friends, thank you so much!



The funny thing is, with all of this thinking, planning and organising that we've been doing, not very much has gone into what we're actually going to do or where we're going to go on this trip. We have a rough itinerary of starting in Singapore, then heading north through Malaysia, then Bangkok, Cambodia and Vietnam. After that, we're thinking of a visit to Japan and China will be really good, but we'll see where our travels take us!

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