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So we arrived in Singapore after a great flight. It took about 8 hours to get here but the boys were great (thanks Qantas on-flight entertainment!).

If we thought we were going to have a rest once we got over here we were sorely mistaken! We've been flat out seeing the sights, but that's because we know we're only here for a short time (it's too expensive to stay for too long, especially on a budget that needs to be stretched!), and there's a lot to see!. We found a great hostel, The Pines Hostel, which is in a great location and near the metro subway system. And what a great subway system it is, we travelled all over the place on it. Cheap, reliable and frequent, awesome!

So, for the 6 days we've been in Singa we've:
made some lolly friends at Sentosa Island,


and some butterfly friends too.

We've looked at some beautiful gardens at "Gardens By the Bay", all under cover in a huge glass dome of course!


and checked out Little India, and China town, which was super busy because the Chinese New Year's Eve was in 2 nights! The atmosphere was fantastic, and there were red and gold decorations everywhere, and mandarines (they represent gold and therefore prosperity for the new year. There were slabs and slabs of mandarines being sold in every supermarket we saw, at about SG$25 per slab).


Lachie and I checked out the Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo, especially designed for people to see the nocturnal animals. It was very cool to walk around in the dark and see the night animals going about their business! Lachie loves zoos, so this was a highlight for him.


We also visited the fantastic National Museum. We came out with a new appreciation for where Singapore is at now, after seeing what it has gone through as a country over the past 100 years. We really didn't understand what had happened to them during World War 2, and we only got a glimpse, but it made us understand Singapore a lot more.

Lachie became acquainted with the 5 original Kings of Singapore WP_20150217_021_1_.jpg

and the boys had a go at cooking some of the more famous local cuisines.......


So we only spent 6 days in Singa, but we got to see a lot and we really liked what we saw. It's really easy and cheap to get around, it's clean, and there's a great range of food because of the different cultures living there. Recommend it to anyone!

Next destination - Johor Baru, Malaysia. We crossed the single causeway that links the two countries on a bus, and began our exploration of Peninsula Malaysia. That's some photos for the next blog!

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