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Bratislava was a quick country stop over compared to other places we have been. We have found that travelling close to weekends can often make it tricky for finding accommodation and Bratislava was no different. For the first of four nights, we stayed at the Art Hostel Taurus which was a really nice place and was located at the base of the Bratislava Castle. This gave us a good opportunity to explore the Castle. Lachie is making his own Bratislava coin and this is one of the exhibits (on jewellery from the 10th century!) that we saw.
So far, a lot of the history we've seen in almost all of the countries we've been to has been about war (unfortunately), with various Emperors, dynasties and governments all fighting for as much land as possible. Bratislava was no exception, there was a very interesting exhibit on the First World War on one level of the castle. It's actually difficult to keep up with the history of Eastern Europe in some ways, the poor people who have lived here have undergone so many changes and difficult times. We had dinner at the Slovak Pub – recommended to us for its traditional Slovak food. It was delicious and a good choice.

For lunch the following day, we found a ‘cat’ café (Mackafé Club) which actually had quite a few cats just wandering around the place. Ash is not a big cat fan but had to admit they gave a pretty relaxing vibe to the place. The boys loved it and spent all their time chasing and patting the cats.
We then relocated to a hotel very close to the Airport. We weren’t sure how this would go however there was a huge shopping centre nearby which gave lots of food options. There was also a chess game you could play and we gave this a good go before leaving.
One restaurant in particular was the Wok and Sushi which offered good value all-you-can-eat buffet. The food was delicious and there was a lot of variety to choose from. The boys enjoyed not one, not two but three Tocenas – John Shand, you would have loved it!
From our new location, we found it quite easy to get into the city centre for a look around.
Having come from Vienna, it understandably didn’t quite have the same feel or architecture (we're also not sure what the white inflatable bunnies were all about!). Also, we both had trouble trying to describe the feeling we got from the people and/or the place. Maybe suppressed, tired and wary come to mind, if we were to think of a colour grey comes to mind. But if you break through the façade we found the people were lovely. We felt, rightly or wrongly, that this was perhaps a hangover from the former Communist times.

We may have missed a few things to see here, especially out in the countryside, however the weather wasn’t too kind and Tania was starting to get the onset of a cold. I think if we came back we would be hiring a car and seeing a bit more out of the city. After 4 nights, we boarded a bus and headed for Budapest.

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